Kfibre - 100% Natural and Whole Plant Fiber

Kfibre - 100% Natural and Whole Plant Fiber

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Natural and safe for the whole family

Kfibre™ is 100% natural, whole of plant dietary fiber for the maintenance of intestinal health and general wellbeing.

Kfibre™ is a low-calorie dietary fiber, made from sucrose-reduced sugarcane. It contains trace vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and bio-active phytonutrients all inherently natural in sugarcane.

The patented process is chemical-free, gluten-free, all food allergen-free, no artificial colors, no flavors, no preservatives, and non-GMO.

Kfibre 100g bag is 1 month’s supply*

*2 serves per person per day

It is time to get inside your Kfibre journey!

Support your Gut Microbiome

Normalise your Digestion

Relief from constipation

Dietary Indigestion and Heartburn

Weight management and appetite control

IBS IBD and Coeliac